Applies to: Syncplify Server!
Version(s): 6.x System(s):  Linux

New install or update/upgrade

The following video shows how to install Syncplify Server! v6.x on a Linux operating system:

Here's a handy copy-pastable list of the two commands you'll need. You will still need to manually type in the name of the .tar.gz archive you downloaded though.

To extract the downloaded archive:

tar -xvf name_of_downloaded_targz_archive

Then to begin installing or updating the software:

sudo ./ss6-setup install

How to uninstall

To make uninstallation easier, the installer copies the ss6-setup executable to your /usr/bin directory. Therefore, in order to uninstall Syncplify Server! v6.x you can simply open a terminal window anywhere, and type:

sudo ss6-setup uninstall

After that, if you also want to remove the uninstaller, you may (optionally) want to do this, too:

sudo rm /usr/bin/ss6-setup

That's all folks. :)