Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 5.x
Warning:    this articles refers to an older version of our software

If you need to migrate your Server! to a different/new machine or VM, please, keep in mind that you cannot just take a backup of the old installation, and restore it on a newly installed Server! V5.x. This article explains the only correct procedure to accomplish the goal.

No worries, it's really easy. Simply follow these steps in this exact order:

  • Log into the SuperAdmin web interface on your "old" machine/VM, the one you want to decommission, and take a full backup of Server!'s configuration from the BACKUP page
  • Make sure you deploy a new machine/VM with a fresh operating system, and don't install anything else on it for now, only the operating system
  • Copy the backup file (a .zip archive) to the new machine/VM
  • Download the latest Server! installer on the new machine/VM
  • Begin installing the latest Server! on the new machine/VM, and - when the installer asks you if you want to provide a backup file during installation - provide the backup file you took from the old machine
  • Let the installer finish its job
  • Once the installer is done you can log into Server!'s SuperAdmin interface on the new machine/VM using the same password you had configured on the old machine/VM

A couple of very important additional notes:

  • If you have a machine/VM where Server! V5 is already installed, you cannot restore a backup from a different machine over it; the procedure above is the only one that works, and needs to be followed to the letter
  • Moving the software to a different machine/VM will disable your license, please, contact us to get your license reset or reinstated