Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 5.x
Warning:    this articles refers to an older version of our software

It may happen that a client that has always been able to connect to Server! without any issues, suddenly can't connect and displays a message similar to this one:

FATAL ERROR: Connection reset by peer (could not connect to server)

When that happens, the most likely causes are:

  1. the client software has violated the protocol or the permissions (for example it has tried to upload a file to a folder where uploads are forbidden) multiple times, and has been blacklisted - in this case, locate your client IP address in the blacklist, and remove it
  2. you may have added at least 1 IP address or network to your white-list, but now you're trying to connect from an IP address that's not white-listed; please keep in mind that the white-list, when used, is restrictive; learn more about the white-list
  3. your server may have detected changes in your hardware, virtual hardware, or operating system, that may have led to an invalidation of the license - licenses that revert back to FREE edition cause the server to only accept a single client connection at a time - if that happens submit a ticket here (top right corner) and we'll help you reset your license