Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 4.x - 5.x
Warning:    this articles refers to an older version of our software

While in old versions of Server! (v1-v3) impersonation capabilities were limited to either no impersonation at all or impersonating the logged-in Windows/AD user, starting from Server! v4 range of possibilities has broadened:

None: this is the default choice and it means that the underlying virtual file system (VFS) will be accessed with the same privileges as the Server! system service (usually the SYSTEM user profile).

By Handle: this is available only when the user profile is a Windows or Active Directory user and it’s equivalent to the type of impersonation found in previous versions of Server!, basically the user profiles that logged in is also used for impersonation.

By Windows or AD User: this allows you to log in as a normal, Windows or AD user, but then use a different Windows or AD user to access the underlying virtual file system (VFS). Yes, you can log in as normal user “johndoe” and then access your home directory as AD user “j.doe@mycompany.corp”.

By Network Share User: if your NAS has its own user database (which is not integrated with your Windows or AD user database) then you can use this type of impersonation to access paths on your NAS via UNC and authenticate on the NAS itself (ex: \\\MyProtectedSharedFoloder).

On top of that, each virtual folder has its own impersonation settings, so you can access your home directory as SYSTEM, your “/private_docs” virtual folder as “j.doe@mycompany.corp”, and your “/CorpSharedDocs” folder on your NAS as “CorpNASUser”; all within a single Server! user profile.