Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 4.x - 5.x
Warning:    this article refers to an older version of our software

As of Server! v4.0 (and newer) there’s a quite handy feature that allows a one-click configuration of many security settings at once, depending on the virtual server’s intended usage scenario.

Here’s a brief explanation of what each preset configuration means and what to expect when you apply it:

  • PCI2.0/HIPAA compliant configuration: this one is the recommended preset, as it offers a very high degree of security, with broad support for many SFTP clients, even when such clients are not updated to the very latest version.
  • Exceed PCI3.1 compliance: this preset guarantees the highest possible degree of security, but will most definitely break compatibility with your SFTP clients unless they are updated to the very latest version (and even in such case some clients simply don’t support ECDSA keys with EC/ECDH key exchange algorithms, so use this preset only if you really really know what you’re doing).
  • Broader client compatibility: this configuration is less secure than the previous two, as it supports legacy/deprecated algorithms (like MD5 for example) but in some cases when you need to support very old SFTP clients, you might need to apply this configuration.
  • For Cisco UCM: this configuration is specifically designed to improve compatibility with Cisco’s Unified Communication Platform (UCP, UCM) so it’s ideal only when you wish to use Server! as a backup target for your Cisco devices.