Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 4.x - 5.x
Warning:    this articles refers to an older version of our software

Another highly requested feature that we introduced in Server! v4 is parametric home directories.

Some of our customers, in fact, need to isolate every user in their own directory under a general “container”, the directory name being the same as the user’s username. They also requested that if a particular user’s home directory does not exist, it is automatically created when the user logs in.


This is how you do it in Server! v4. First of all, you have to create a VFS with a parametric target, let’s call it “Local Parametric” and point it to “ C:\SFTPData\[%USERNAME%]“:

Then we create our user profiles, and we choose the “Local Parametric” VFS as their home folder:

Now the home directory for user “user_one” will be “C:\SFTPData\user_one“, and the home directory for user “user_two” will be “C:\SFTPData\user_two“.

Each directory will be automatically created the first (or next) time each user logs in. 

Aside from the [%USERNAME%] parameter, there are other parameters you can use in your parametric VFS, namely:

  • [%USER_HOME%]: the Windows or Active Directory "home" for this user (if defined, not to be taken for granted)
  • [%USER_DESC%]: the content of the "description" field in the User's configuration
  • [%TODAY%]: the current date in YYYYMMDD format
  • [%SESS_CUSTDATA%]: the content of the session's custom data (applicable only to the Ultimate edition, configurable only via scripting)