Every time you purchase a Syncplify.me Server! software, you get (included with your first purchase) a 1-year maintenance/support subscription. But what is it exactly?

It’s a yearly subscription that entitles all of our customers to the following:

  • All updates/upgrades to all minor and major versions released during the subscription coverage period
  • Email support, documentation, and knowledge base access
  • Remote assistance support (up to 3 incidents a year)

Given the above, it is therefore important to understand what incidents are:

  • if the software is misbehaving, or you have identified a bug, that is an incident
  • if you simply don’t know how to do something, that’s not an incident, and we kindly ask you to – please – read the documentation and search the knowledge base before contacting our support team (we’re deeply grateful for your understanding)

The first year of subscription is included in your first software purchase at no additional cost, and by default, it renews automatically year-by-year, after the first year. If you don’t like the automatic renewal you can disable it at any time after your purchase by logging into the account that PayPro (our e-commerce partner) gives you. If you do so, no charges will be applied unless you decide to manually renew it. You may also disable it before you purchase by clicking the blue colored “Auto-renewal” text.

The cost for a maintenance/support subscription is 20% of a license MSRP price. So, for example, if you buy a single BASIC license ($299) your annual optional subscription cost (starting from the second year) will be $59.80; another example: if you buy 2 Professional licenses ($499 each, total $998) your annual optional subscription cost (starting from the second year) will be $199.60 ($99.80 * 2).