Applies to: Server!
Version(s): 5.x
Warning:    this articles refers to an older version of our software

In this article, we provide a compendium, sort of a FAQ, regarding the most common questions and pieces of knowledge that every Server! user should know about the new version 5.x licensing system. So here we go:

What’s the license code format?

V5 license codes look like this: V5XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Will my old (V4, V3, …) license code work if I upgrade to V5?

No. As you can guess by the different license code format, you will need an entirely new license code to upgrade to V5. The good news is, though, that if you are covered by an update/upgrade/support subscription, you can request one for free by simply opening a support ticket by clicking the small icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

I have an active V3/V4 update/upgrade/support subscription, and I wish to convert it to a V5 update/upgrade/support subscription. How do I do that?

Simply open a support ticket by clicking the small icon in the bottom right corner of this page, and our team will provide a dedicated link and proper instructions on how to do so.

I run Server! on dynamic hardware, and every so often my V3/V4 license reverted back to “free” because hardware changes were detected. Will this still happen with V5 licenses?

We’ve done a lot of work to change this behavior, and we are confident that deactivations “by mistake” should not occur anymore. Our software can now tell the difference between, say, resizing an existing VM, and moving to an entirely different VM. Your V5 license will remain active as long as you make changes to the hardware of your existing VM, and will self-deactivate only if you try to use it also on a different VM. This provides us with a decent level of protection against abuse, but – more importantly – provides our customers with the level of flexibility they need to run our software in virtualized/cloud/elastic environments.

I have an active maintenance/support subscription that renews annually, and every year I receive a new license code. What should I do with it?

First and foremost, your license code will keep working even if you do absolutely nothing, as licenses are perpetual. This said, when you receive your annual license code update (thanks to your active subscription) we strongly recommend you to activate it in your SuperAdmin interface, just as you would do with any new license, as this will ensure that you can keep installing updates and upgrades to the software for another year.