Occasionally our users ask us what Syncplify support options are. This article is intended to provide a clarification on that topic.

If you are using the Free Edition of our products you can:

If you are using the Free Edition for evaluation purposes and you intend to buy once your issue is resolved, you may also:

  • you may submit a pre-sales support ticket

If you are a registered customer with an expired support subscription:

If you are a  registered customer with a valid and active support subscription, you are welcome to:

  • submit a ticket, please help us help you by providing as much information as possible regarding the issue that's occurring
  • we may escalate your request and help you via phone or remote desktop if/when our team deems it necessary (after you provide very detailed description of the problem in writing via ticket)

What we provide support on and what we don't:

  • we do support our products when they don't behave as documented and/or a specific bug is reported
  • we don't support 3rd party software, only software designed and developed by Syncplify
  • generic requests like "can you install/deploy/configure your software for me?" are not customer support, they are professional services, thus they won't be fulfilled as part of the maintenance/support subscription - if you are buying our software through a Reseller or through a Syncplify Partner, this is most probably a professional service they can offer to you for an additional price